In the past few weeks I was digging for some new releases. Somehow I got into a track by Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks. His tracks were published in the social networks by the guys from Les Yeux Orange and THUMP. The tunes are very electrifying and convinced me completely. So I got a great interest into these tunes. I wanted to learn more about their emergence and ended up saying: "Why don't you ask himself". Dr. Dunks took the time to tell me something about his tracks. He also announced something new coming up:

Shut It EP

Hi Eric, great you take the time talking to us. How did you record "Shut It"?

The track 'Shut It' I did about 4 years ago. It was me just fooling around on my Roland-SH101 & drum machine. Can't remember which drum machine I used... I did it jam style in just one go... Then added things on top and started playing out. I was gonna put it out myself so I asked Daniele Baldelli if he would remix it for me. This was about 3 years ago. But I got sidetracked and never got around to releasing it. Then the guys at Not an Animal saw my Boiler Room from A1 Records and asked me what that track was, I told them and they were keen to put it out.


What happened then?

I already had a remix for it by a legend but wanted to do one more tune for the record to make it worth the price of admission. I was already messing with a drum track and recruited my very talented friend Chris Munoz to join in to play some guitar and the B side 'Zona de Perigo' was born.

Why did you work with 'Not an Animal'?

Well they're friends of mine and like minded crew. And, as mentioned before. They wanted the tune.

What are you doing at the moment?

Right now I'm wrapping up a month long Euro / UK dj trip. I'm playing in Glasgow this Friday, Renate in Berlin Saturday and over to Dublin Sunday night. Then back to rio de janeiro, which is where I'm based at the moment.

Are there any further projects?

Yes. A couple things. I have a project with Justin van der Volgen called 'Happy Family'. And this past March while I was doing a month long residency at Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. Jonny Nash and myself started and finished a 12". We calling ourselves 'Rumours'. Just putting the finishing touches on that now.

Any last words? Maybe you have something to add.

Thanks for your interest. And have a great week. :)

By the way, here you go with Jonny Nash's set. It's worth a listen: