Moscoman is not just a great artist, but he's a label owner too. His projects like the label "Disco Halal" are very successful these days. He has released the first EP of the label "Treisar" called "Judah's Lion". The EP includes 3 tracks. The A1 track "Dalmar Arbon In The Club" is a club track, which sounds kind of psychedelic. The track consists of a strong baseline, a prize of acid elements and a strange sounding voice. The B1 track "Dalmar Arbon" is a more cosy version of the A1. Perfect to loose yourself in the music. The last track on the EP "A Saint And A Sinner" is a driving piece of music, which has pretty dominant high hats and snare, supported with a simple melodic baseline and lead.

Moscoman told us about his producing routines and some infos about Treisar. Here you go with 5 questions to Moscoman:

Hi Moscoman, great having you here on You're from Israel and live in Berlin right? What does "Judah's Lion" more sound like? Is it Berlin or Israel?

Good to be here thanks again. I've lived in Berlin for a long time, so Berlin. But I guess Treisar and all of my music pretty much is a good mix of myself. I try to take in and be influenced by everywhere I go.

Where did you produce the EP?

The EP like most of my music was produced at my studio at home. I love working in my boxer shorts.

You recently released on Multi Culti & Disco Halal, why did you release on Treisar and who is Treisar?

Well in my catalogue there are releases across the board most recently ESP Institute. Treisar is a new imprint, not even a label really. It's sole purpose is to release my own music. So that answers both questions I'm sure.

Is it true, that Treisar releases 12 records this year?

Yes, Treisar is about to release twelve 12 inches this year, only my own music.

How will the label sound like?

Eclectic, like me :)

Cool! Thank you very much Moscoman for answering our questions. We wish you a lot of success with Treisar.

Coverfoto: Moscoman by Nuphar Blechner