Resident Advisor introduces pronouns on artist pages

In a tweet, the electronic music platform Resident Advisor informed about the new possibility to add pronouns to one's artist profile. The DJ and artist pages on the website are one of the first places bookers, journalists and other DJs go to find information such as biographies, upcoming or past gigs and contact information. To add your pronouns to your profile, go to RA Pro, select your artist and add your pronouns in the Pronouns field.

Zurich Club Zukunft reveals its closing in two years

In an article in the Tagesanzeiger, the Zurich club Zukunft announced that it will close in a good 770 days. The reason for the closure is the renovation and new construction of the houses above the club and the owner of the property no longer plans any gastronomic or commercial use. The club was founded in 2005 and has made a name for itself far beyond the borders of Switzerland for well-programmed electronic music. The four remaining founders will continue to run the club until the end and promise new club and music projects over the lifetime of Zukunft.

Groove Magazine returns to print with a special edition

It is a great pleasure to hear that Groove Magazine will return as a special edition on 18 March - the first time since the printed magazine was stopped four years ago and everything went completely online. "GROOVE will again find its way into station bookshops and into the letterboxes of our subscribers," they write on their website. For subscribers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the issue is free, they just have to update their address and tick the agreement box. As readers and former contributors, we look forward to the publication.

Online radio Refuge Worldwide celebrates 1-year anniversary

Originally started as a fundraising platform to support grassroots and non-profit organisations, Refuge has also established an online radio station in Berlin. In addition to the radio programme, the community-driven platform offers weekly workshops, training programmes and courses in the fields of media, creativity and mental health. Refuge Worldwide is now celebrating its 1-year anniversary with a 3-day programme. Happy birthday!

New short documentary about the thriving music scene in Napoli

The short documentary "Napoli Futura: A Retrofuturistic Focus on the Neapolitan Downtown Scene" explores the music scene of Italy's third-largest city. It features bands, labels and producers such as Nu Genea, Futuribile Record Club, Mystic Jungle, Whodamanny, Milord, Soul Express, Napoli Segreta, Periodica Records, ThanksMate and many more. The documentary is published by the great people at Stamp The Wax. Check it out here.

Radio Bollwerk website appears in a new look

The Bernese online radio station Radio Bollwerk has a new website and opens a donation form. The station went on the air for the first time in 2016 and describes itself as a radio for avant-garde club culture. It's true, no other radio station in Switzerland has established such a consistent programme that represents not only the zeitgeist but also large parts of the local electronic music scene of the country. If you want to support club culture directly, a donation is a good start.

OOR Records in Zurich about to close

Sad news landed in our inbox. The Zurich shop OOR Records at Anwandstrasse 30 has announced that it will close its doors in mid-April. In their newsletter, they write: "[...] one of the common reasons is the amount of energy the shop requires. For the ever-decreasing demand, the effort is now too much for us." But they promise a transformation and continuation of their OOR Saloon event series. More information about the closing and the upcoming closing sale you can find on their website: