MixesDB stays and is now called Mixes.wiki

MixesDB, Mixes.wiki Von Dominik André am

MixesDB, the DJ set database, will continue to operate under the new website Mixes.wiki, thanks to the successful collaboration between a new team and the former owner of MixesDB. The team updated the outdated code from the original site, enabling the database to run on modern servers. Mixes.wiki ensures the continued accessibility and cataloging of DJ mixes, radio shows, podcasts, and set recordings for the community. It serves as a music resource and platform for DJs to share their mixes with a wide audience. Established in 2006, MixesDB was set to shut down in June 2024 due to its outdated code and the significant programming effort required for updates (as we reported). With the transition to Mixes.wiki, over 200,000 DJ sets across 100 genre categories are preserved.