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Matthew Sadler aka Talking Motion is born and bred in Manchester. He hosts a monthly radio show on London's Balamii Radio, fusing musical styles such as soul, funk, rock and new wave into a holistic experience. · Talking Motion - Mix

What can you tell us about Machester's local scene and how do you experience it?

Manchester has a lot to offer from Live Jazz at YES to killer club nights at The White Hotel. There are some serious, well known and upcoming names such as High Hoops (Manchester-based duo) and Almo, who I'm set to play with later this month. It'll be interesting to see what new faces are playing out this year with clubs reopening.

You have a radio show on Balamii Radio in London. How would you describe the show and what do you want to tell with your selection of music?

My show is filled with a variety of genres including downtempo and jazz, to even heavier sounds like House and Techno. I like to appreciate all sounds and styles of music by sharing my diverse record collection on my monthly show. Some months I'll play a listening style show, some times I enjoy inviting guests to share a mix.

What is your favourite piece of equipment in your DJ set-up?

This is a really difficult one! But… My favourite piece of equipment would have to be my Prima Luna tube amp which gets my Klipsch speakers rocking.

You recently played at Brilliant Corners in London. How did you prepare for this gig?

Brilliant Corners has a really relaxed vibe with a "home from home" feel, I tend to bring a good chunk of my collection with me so that I can ease into the evening with something chilled moving through to more punchy selections. Sometimes, there are rare tracks that I want to share and I'll fit these into the style I'm playing or I'll rediscover a classic gem.

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