Wine, Vermouth and Hi-Fi at Amiamo Caffè

Amiamo, Zurich Von Steve am
Inside of Amiamo Caffè, where the look always changes. Photo: Delia Merico

A record player and a bunch of records combined with wine and Vermouth, shake and that's the new evening concept of Amiamo Caffè at Lochergut in Zurich.

Amiamo Caffè opened it's doors in March this year right at Lochergut and established itself in a booming area. After settling in, it is now time to take the next step and start the new evening concept, offering a fine selection of wine, vermouth and Music.

The logo looks a bit like a record player. Design: Delia Merico und Siri Gueniat

I visit Amiamo on a rainy Wednesday evening to talk to the owner Delia. It wasn't an easy decision to take this step, as Delia had to relocate from Biel to Zurich in about 3 weeks and build it all up from scratch in an unknown city. Nonetheless, she couldn't say no to the possibility of opening her cafe called Amiamo Caffè at Lochergut.

Being in the midst of well known cocktails bars, the evening concept of Amiamo will offer something else. Wine, Vermouth and a DJ selecting records on only one turntable. This means the DJs don't mix or blend the tracks like usual, they just select record after record. Or even let an album play through. «There will be breaks between the songs, this can create suspense and gives more attention to the selection» says Delia. And I agree. The DJ will also act like the host for the evening. The concept is called Amiamo Vino and will start this week on Thursday night. What's not to love?

And what could make this even more interesting? There is a Hi-Fi component to it all through the new speakers recently added to the cafe. Two JBL L100 and two JBL L50 from the 70s fill the room with that delightful warm sound we know and love from vintage speakers.

The music can be whatever the DJ of the night feels like playing. «I don't want to tell the DJs what to play but it should be fitting» says Delia when I ask her what music can be expected from the selectors. Maybe not too clubby, but more of a laidback kind of vibe. And if the guests want to dance, the tables are quickly rearranged to make space for a dance floor. I, for one, love the idea of anything can happen but nothing has to.

Amiamo Caffè also has a courtyard. Photo: Delia Merico

Amiamo means «we love» in Italian and for me this place has every corner filled with love. A cafe with paintings by local artists by day switches to a wine bar by night. A simple, yet genius idea. An idea I didn't know I wanted until I heard of it.

Words by Steve Marvin. He writes about audiophile nerd stuff and sometimes drops the dad jokes when they are actually funny.