Zurich Vinyl Guide: This is where you find your records

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If you come to Zurich and are looking for record stores, this is your guide.

Compared to its size and number of citizens, Zurich has many record shops and each offers a unique selection of vinyl. Our first vinyl guide was made a few years ago, so it's time for a new one.

Searching the crates of ZeroZero in Zurich: Vinyl collector and DJ Sekan from Amsterdam

Hum Records is the place to find finely selected disco, world, hip-hop and dancefloor-friendly electronic music. Don't hesitate to ask the guys in the shop about the releases from local labels Phantom Island, Lexx Music, Ish and Second Thoughts Records - you'll get them first hand here.

Hum Records | Ankerstr. 11 | 8004 Zurich

Sihl Records is usually quite well attended. The shop focuses on electronic and club music. The owner Andreas has created a hub where the city's music and DJ scene meets. It's fair to say that you can probably find every release from local labels and artists here. There are also regular second-hand stacks from local collectors and regular instore sessions - check Instagram for updates.

Sihl Records | Martastr. 114 | 8003 Zurich

ZeroZero offers almost all genres. Many jazz, hip-hop and even rock treasures can be found. If you are not too shy to get down on your knees, you can even find some house and techno records.

Zero Zero | Bäckerstr. 54 | 8004 Zurich

16Tons is the place to dig for the treasures. Rare Swiss avant-garde records from the 80s, dub, reggea, disco and jazz. Everything is there and well organised. Don't be afraid to ask the owner if you know what you're looking for. If you are interested in vintage furniture, 16Tons is also your place.

16Tons | Anwandstr. 25 | 8004 Zurich

Katalog Record is a big place with many corners to discover. If you are looking for something specific, you should bring some time with you. It is recommended to browse through all kinds of bins if you want to find the gems. If you are looking for obscure Swiss music, this is a good place to start.

Katalog Record | Weinbergstr. 31 | 8006 Zurich

Monorecords is located in the music bar Kasheme. In a cosy atmosphere you can go through a fine curated selection of new and old records. The place is recommended to visit, as there is a lot of emphasis on listening to music here. In the evening, DJs and record collectors put on their treasures.

Monorecords | Neugasse 56 | 8005 Zurich

Jama Music you will find when you walk up the stairs on the first floor through the Collatoral clothing. Jama Music specialises in indie music, but also has a great selection of electronic music. If you're looking for the latest Swiss releases - you'll find them here.

Jama Music | Stauffacherstr. 95 | 8004 Zurich

There are more record shops in the city, but these are the ones that the 45rpm.ch team visits frequently. There are also many second-hand shops (Brockenhaus) and flea markets you can visit.