Anna Vs June: Prosper Easter

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Athens-based composer and singer Anna Vs June has released a personal album. The narrative interweaves her experiences growing up in a troubled country.

Anna Papaioannou alias Anna Vs June

Over the past few months, I have been lucky enough to explore Athens. In the three months of my stay, I fell in love with the city. It is not an easy place to live in. All kinds of things collide. In art, on the street, in society. During these intense months, I met Anna Papaioannou on a rooftop terrace at a party.

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Anna releases music under her stage name Anna Vs June. In her music she fuses traditional Greek sounds with contemporary electronics. She works a lot with her own amazing voice, which makes every song a very personal and touching piece.

Prosper Easter is Anna's first album. It was released in July 2020 on the Yalançı label. The album is set in the context of interpreting her own experience of growing up in a country facing an ongoing identity crisis. This narrative is something that one learns that troubles many Greeks, but at the same time is a pool of energy that allows artists like Anna to make beautiful music.

It is clear that we will hear more from Anna in the near future. Not only did she release together with Anatolian Weapons on Invisible Inc. also in 2020. She is also part of the Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi compilation on Elena Colombi's label Osàre! Editions. However, the full-time musician not only releases music under her own name but also composes for theatres in Athens.

It seems that Anna and many other artists living and working in Greece started building their own identities. I can't wait to hear more music from Anna Vs June, and I'm sure the Athenian soil is fruitful because – but not only – of its history.

Words by Dominik André. He writes about DJ culture, music nerd stuff and sometimes shares thoughts about the music business. He runs the record label Subject To Restrictions Discs.