Photographer of the famous Larry Levan picture gives an interesting interview

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Last Dance, the book from Bill Bernstein, got a new release and was recently celebrated with an exhibition at Shoreditch, where he gave an interesting interview.

The exhibition displayed the work of photographer Bill Bernstein which showed photographs of hedonism and inclusion in New York's late 70s clubs like Studio 54, Better Days and the Paradise Garage. The book is a collection of candids and portraits catching the spirit of disco-like the well-known picture of Larry Levan in the booth at Paradise Garage.

Paradise Garage Dance Floor, 1979 © Bill Bernstein / Reel Art Press

Bernstein was one of a few photographers who captured the beginning of the disco scene in New York. Later he worked as Paul McCartney's personal photographer and also continued documenting New York's music scene with the project Brooklyn Nites.

Since the book, Last Dance, is already sold out and the exhibition in Shoreditch is over we would point your focus to the very insightful interview with Bill Bernstein led by Coleen Cosmo Murphy.

The interview gives an interesting insight on clubs during this time and if you, like me, are interested in club culture there is never enough you can hear about that. Coleen, who was mentored by none other than David Mancuso himself, also gives you a brief introduction to what was going on in New York during this time.

Words by Steve Marvin. He writes about audiophile nerd stuff and pretends that he hears the difference between vinyl to WAVs.