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Mix: ABC Presents

Die Jungs von ABC Presents durfte ich in den Bergen Bulgariens am Meadows In The Mountain Festival kennenlernen. Schon vor ihrem Set auf der Woodland Stage war klar, dass sie denselben Enthusiasmus für Musik, Records und das Auflegen teilen wie wir bei Es freut deshalb umso mehr, dass sie für uns diesen einstündigen Mix zusammengestellt haben. Ein kleiner Brief war auch noch dabei - den wollen wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten. Viel Spass und ganz liebe Grüsse nach London!

Hi 45rpm,

Thanks for having us!

We're Verg & Etienne. Along with Luke and Jake we run ABC Presents. We've been putting house and disco nights on across London for just over 2 years. Our latest party was with Chicago house don Roy Davis Jr, having started the summer playing to a big old jolly crowd at the brilliant Meadows in the Mountains festival in Bulgaria. We've got some exciting bits in the pipeline, but a little hush on that for the time being.

We've put together a house-centric mix condensing the sort of music we like to play out in clubs, from resident warm-ups to closing sets. It's largely comprised of records which never leave our bags. We recorded on 2 Technics 1210s & out the back of a Pioneer DJM 800 into a superb piece of kit launched by the guys at Evermix (MixBox2 - check it out). A few needle skips, but his one was straight out the bread bin & into the toaster as they say!

Enjoy x