New Mix by Elise Kravets

Elise Kravets, Paris Von Colin am

Elise Kravets, a radio and music enthusiast from Paris, recorded and contributes a «mom-approved» mix to our series. In the interview, the sociology student lifts her secret of where to make the best vinyl deals.

Where do you enjoy listening to music?

I love listening to music when I commute, but I listen to it everywhere honestly. There is a track in my opinion for every place and activity. I think in the car and commuting might be my two favourite places because usually, it’s where I focus on details within the song the most. I also love listening to the radio when I’m cooking.

What was your best party this year?

There was a Dekmantel after-party in De School where I discovered Miss Jay (a dutch based DJ). Her set oscillating between ghetto house and breakbeat really blew my mind. There was a huge energy coming from her and she really looked like she was enjoying herself. I was super tired but she really woke me up.

Where do you buy your music?

I used to buy a lot on Discogs but now I mostly buy in record shops and on the internet (I've really been into Bandcamp lately). Sometimes I go to flea markets, I feel like that’s where you make the best deals, but you have to get up early in the morning and I’m not really a morning person…

How do you make your selections?

It really depends if it’s on the radio or for a party. For radio, I try to think of a theme or a vibe to build a kind of progression too. That’s really what I tried to implement on my old shows where I would, with my partner Charles, pick a specific theme (like The City, Space etc…), but I have trouble sticking to it sometimes because I feel like if it’s not a bit diverse I get bored quite easily.

What did you think when you recorded the mix?

My mother plays the piano and really loves music, but she is very picky about what can be put in the car while she is driving,  as some music can «get on her nerves» if she is tired. I love listening to music in the car (one of the perks of being a passenger and not a driver) and drifting off. With that in mind, I tried to do a «mom-approved» car mixtape with soft rock, library, folk, reggae… Stuff I know we would both enjoy.

Q&A by Colin.